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Welcome to ListPayDayPRO...
The launch of this product comes on the heels of the wildly successful launch of OnlineIncomeFlood.
Online Income Flood was Launched by Steven Johnson & Myself, Steven James Back in August.

With Nearly $330,000 in gross sales in the first 10 days, Online Income Flood was a great earner for all of our JV partners, and the refund rate was WELL BELOW the threshold of 30%. AWESOME for a high ticket item ($297)

If you haven't heard of Steven Johnson, He is a CLICKBANK APEX which means hes in the top 100 clickbank affiliates on the planet. We decided to partner up on Online Income Flood, and Steve was behind the scenes with me here on ListPayDayPRO.

So what exactly IS listpaydaypro? And why did I decide to launch it?
Simply put, We tested ListPayDayPRO as an upsell within OnlineIncomeFlood back in august. It sold to the tune of OVER 35% of ALL BUYERS (1300) at an amazing price point of $197.

I have complete faith that this price point of $47 will enable huge conversions as TONS of people saw massive value in it at a much higher pricepoint.

Bottom line, this product is not some junky training course, your customers will get 50 ready made landing pages in a variety of niches, all set up for them, all they have to do is follow the 17 HIGH DEFINITION Easy to Follow Training Videos included in the members area and they're all set up..

The course features 10 training videos, and 7 traffic videos that are custom made by Steven James, they will not be getting some re-hashed junk, which means refunds will be kept to a minimum.

So PROMOTE, and PROMOTE with CONFIDENCE. ALL testimonials on ListPayDayPRO are real, and not solicited.

Here's a screen shot of two separate portions of the members area.

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