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Greetings Potential ListPaydayPRO Student,

How'd you get here? Well, either way, let's call it a happy accident. Much the same, I made a "Happy Accident" about a 2 years ago when I first got started making money on the internet.

Imagine if you came across the formula to making a living online just like the pros do..

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Training which, if you tried to learn on your own, could take months if not years.

Training that the "PROS" don't share because it drools massive ammounts of money to their bank accounts day in and day out, and they want to protect their market share.

Training that is totally new, not rehashed garbage, or any "Magic Easy Button" method that just never works.

I can be 100% confident that you've never seen this type of training on the internet before. This is so different and REAL that it will make your jaw hit the floor. Seriously.

This is one of the best methods *I* use personally day in and day out.

I have decided to release this for a limited time to some friends of my business colleages and this WILL BE GONE SOON... so I HIGHLY SUGGEST you pay attention to every word in this letter...

"In case you missed it...
Here's what you DON'T NEED to become a ListPayDayPRO"

You DON'T need experience
You DON'T need to have a product of your own
You DON'T need YEARS of sales experience under your belt
You DON'T need to sacrifice TONS of time with your family and friends
You DON'T need an advertising budget 
You DON'T need any of the computer "Geek" speak
You DON'T need to waste time and money on SEO, Social Networks, Pay Per Click, or CPM Junk traffic...
And you ABSOLUTELY DON'T need those pirates at Google or Bing... 

UnSolicited Testimonial

"Make Six Figures By Pushing a Button scams...
 Buy Traffic scams... TOTAL GARBAGE Ebooks
Mind numbing SEO Books that are so thick a college professor would puke..."

Have you have bought at LEAST one of these types of products, only to end up refunding the bill, and wasting another chunk of time and space on your hard drive?

The worst part is, you already know the outcome of these products... yet we buy them anyway.

Trust me, I did the SAME THING so I know what you must be going through.

All that's going to happen is your bank account will get lower, and your time will get wasted.

Tons of you have either already barfed up tons of cash on these products, or you will in the future.

Let me guess what you bought... and let me guess the outcome...

** Garbage Push Button Software that PROMISE to be simple and easy, but end up being a total waste of time, BECAUSE THEY DON'T WORK...  

** Crappy Ebooks
about God-knows what, then they end up being free somewhere else

** Guides to Clickbank, or Affiliate Marketing that EVERYONE sells...

** PPV, PPC, CPM... blah blah blah... All things that take time but never net sales

** High Ticket "coaching programs" that just leave you BROKE and ANGRY

** FREE WEBSITE offers that just gank your cash and deliver fake stats...

Did I get any of those right?

Yea I thought so... the "make money online" niche is just FULL of straight up GARBAGE... Some things might work for a few sales here and there, but I havent found one that makes good on the promises of internet riches...

here's an interesting little fact..

"99.9% of these guys could CARE LESS about your outcome, make money or not, they've got your cash"

I wish I could tell you that they're all real, upstanding business people that deliver on thier promises... but sadly thats not how it works.

Each and EVERY WEEK some "hot new" product hits the market place, and people like you and me are buying them up like hot-cakes...

It's almost criminal, how many illegitimate vendors are out there selling re-hashed information to the over 4.9 MILLION people that search google EVERY MONTH for "make money"

These guys are in it for the quick hit of cash they get, then POOF they're gone, leaving you standing there holding the bill, and with tons of questions...

The good news is, recently the Federal Trade Commission has been cracking down on some vendors that have had the most complaints...

I spent a TON of money on a lot of these products before I realized one astounding fact... NONE OF THESE GUYS CARE about you!

I can safely say that I found a solution that has FREED me from the "HYPE Products" and secured my living as an internet marketer..

"What I Discovered Was a Simple Method That I could repeat Over and Over Again That Works "

After getting taken by these sharks over and over again, I took what knowledge I had, and TAUGHT myself HOW to do this the RIGHT WAY.

I spent a total of 6 months reading forums, picking apart the best parts of these so called "systems" I bought so I could find a steady income stream I could duplicate.

I consider myself blessed because I made a lot of friends in the marketing forums over that first six months... they helped me when I needed it, and it lead to something incredible.

The method you're going to discover, at first took me a ton of time, so I turned to one of my web-builder buddies to build everything I needed to duplicate my process over and over again.

UnSolicited Testimonial

You will soon discover how easy my training is. To get listpaydaypro up and running, all YOU have to do is download the package to your desktop, follow the videos designed for this course, and COPY EXACTLY how I do it!

That's it... 7 Steps... and you will have the same income potential I have.

You're going to find out that my program does most of the HARD work FOR you... it'll be up to you to polish the edges.

ListPayDayPRO is the same info respected Internet Marketers use DAILY.

The "Guru's" definitely don't want us getting our "filthy noOb" hands on it...

This is GUARANTEED to work for you.

All you need to do is, Follow SIMPLE step by step videos, download a file to your desktop, and have $1.01 your first month to get started.

What if a relative newcomer to online marketing could show you step by step how to make $6,000 or MORE per month...

Most People Would Take That Offer... 

I'm aware many of you haven't heard of me, Let me give you a quick background story about how I got started making money on the internet...

About two years ago, I was slaving away working 12 hour days to support a fiancee and her kid.

I was always interested in making money online, but I just never had anyone show me how  to do it... and the fiancee always told me "you'll never make a dime on the internet, why don't you get a real job"

So it was no surprise when It didn't work out... After we split up, I started buying up "Make Money Online" products left and right....

I saw this as my ONE opportunity to change things around for me, so I could work for myself and answer to NO ONE!

But as we covered previously, A lot of the products I picked up were JUNK... so it took me an additional 6 months of research before I hit my stride.

UnSolicited Testimonial

Then It Hit Me Like a Ton Of Bricks... 4.9 MILLION Searches For "Make Money"

One of the things I found during my research was that OVER 4 MILLION google users were searching for how to "make money"

That Really Made Me think... Can you Image how large 4.9 million people is?  

Then I found out about this company called Clickbank... one of the biggest online marketplaces on the internet today.

They make it very easy to make money online. You'll soon discover in my members area I cover the clickbank subject top to bottom, You'll see how easy they make it.

They have paid out OVER a BILLION dollars in commission... that's like 100 bucks every second... wouldn't you like to get a piece of that?

Just like me, you will soon discover the trick to making money online is a double headed monster.
Meaning you are going to need two things to profit like the pros.

1: A Targeted List of subscribers you can email.
2: Products to market to that list so you can make commisson.

well, I figured out that clickbank takes care of "#2" for you... so all I needed to do was develop a list to market to...

How hard could that be? There are 4.9 Million people searching google for make money every month..

It was actaully easier to figure out than you might think... I cover all that list building stuff in the listpaydaypro members area, You're going to discover the same list building methods I use.

But the fact of the matter is...

9 out of 10  People Trying to
Make Money Online Are Going To F

The usual causes of failure are the following.

A: they don't know where to start
B: they think websites are too complicated
C: they have no idea where to get traffic
D: no marketing budget

So they need somthing that is going to take care of all 4 of those points FOR THEM... and then the gates will open...

Are you one of those people stuck at gate A? or maybe gate C?

If you are, then ListPayDayPRO is going to take care of all 4 of those gates for you... take you by the hand and BLAST your way to a steady, reliable income ONLINE.

That opportunity is what I am offering to the first 180 SERIOUS students that want in...

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Once you enroll in our ListPayDayPRO training course, you will have every direction, resource, and tool needed to start building your income funnels like clockwork.


List PayDay PRO will work for you
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1. A Computer
2. Access To The Internet
3. A Desire To Make Money Online

The Crazy thing is, you already have almost everything you need to start making Crazy Amounts of Money, faster than you think…

You're going to see that ListPayDayPRO is a completely original program that sets up within minutes and doesn't require ANY of the following...

You will soon discover the training videos with my program take you by the hand and show you STEP BY STEP EXACTLY what to do.

Even if you're a complete newbie... ListPayDayPRO is laid out in easy to follow, uncut, real, language anyone, even my 85 year old grandmother, or my 12 year old neice can follow...

ListPayDayPRO is for everyone, new, or experienced... And I did that by design...

Too many of you have been robbed... You have finally found the real way to make money on the internet, and you will find all my secrets in the members area..

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I am restricting membership to just
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I don't want this to be a free for all, where we sell 2000 copies and have all of you doing the same thing. Reason being, the market tends to correct itself, and I don't want to comprimise the integrity of my system.

I know 180 seems a little low, but since this is training that you're not going to just find by accident, I'm going to keep enrollment small and exclusive.

Once you're in the members area, set up your first income funnel.

After that you just rinse and repeat, and be on your way to a worry free, hands off, 6 figures a year, working just 15-20 minutes a day income.

You can start with just one income funnel, and let that run in the background until you get it earning a little, or a lot... it's up to you... 

Just copy what I'm doing on your screen and in no time you will have multiple income streams running like hot water.

In just a few days, you can see streams of income
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"Remember, if ListPayDayPRO  
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I'm 100% confident that this program will be the means to an end for you, that i'm willing to make a few of my "guru" buddies mad at me for giving away "our" secret.

I'm looking to create a tight knit group of internet marketers that will just RULE the internet with ListPayDayPRO members. It's something I want to be responsible for.

BUT, the ONLY way were going to make that happen, is if I get 180 serious peoople on board.
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Too much?

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My Rock BOTTOM price to fill up the 180 spots in the next 30 days....

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 Talk about a guarantee you can get behind.

 But before you take the leap of faith I need you to  understand this:

 If at ANY point you are not 100% satisfied with  ListPayDayPRO in ANY way  for WHATEVER reason all you  need to do is contact our support team and your refund  will be issued within 24 business hours.

 I hope were 100% clear on the terms of this program, you  are not obligated to keep this product in anyway... but if    you ARE making money with it, I ask you to send me a  thank you note! :) 

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Secure Enrollment Application

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PS. The best investment one can make is self education. Not a car, not a house, but LEARNING. Because Learning IS the GOLDEN GOOSE... not the golden egg...

ListPayDayPRO is hands down the best training package you are going to find on the internet today.

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